We provide numerous digital marketing services for your e-commerce business including website/landing page development, graphic design, SEO, PPC, conversion funnels, and social media marketing. Our well-versed team of digital experts can help you generate the highest returns on your digital products and create a frictionless checkout experience for your customers.

E-commerce and Online Marketing

Our approach consists of exceptional product branding, (USP’s) unique selling propositions, streamlined data-driven advertising campaigns, and a frictionless checkout experience for your customers.

Product Branding

Product branding is the most important step to your success with E-commerce online. Our team with craft a captivating, sleek, and modern brand image for your company. We will illustrate the value it provides, and why your audience must have your product or digital service.

Audience & Strategy

We will identify your audience, their demographics, online behaviors, lookalike audiences, and craft our targeted messaging. We will create our (USP) unique selling proposition, (CTA) call to action, upsells/cross-sells/add ons, and advertising campaigns.

Omnipresence Marketing

We will create an omnipresence level of advertising for your brand by constantly being in front of your targeted audience. We will carefully guide them through your conversion funnel taking them from the awareness stage to loyal repeat customers.

Call to Action & Purchase

Once we have educated, provided value-driven content, influenced, and retargeted our audience, we now have our “bottom of the funnel customers”. This is where we will focus on the frictionless checkout experience and turn our audience into paying customers. In the event they don’t purchase, we will continue to retarget our audience back into the sales funnel process.

Retention & Community

At our final stage of the CPR, we find ourselves with a loyal, educated, and repeat customer for your business. We continue to optimize, use email sequences, customer accounts, and loyalty programs to keep these customers back for add-ons, upsells, and cross-sells.

Repeat & Optimize

Very simple, we repeat this process and optimize to always be improving upon the messaging, targeting, and product.

E-commerce and Online Marketing

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